Thanks for visiting my site. I’m a geologist working mainly on rock rheology, microstructures, and the tectonics of convergent margins.

Current position:
ssistant Professor of Geology,
The City College of New York

Ph.D. 2011:

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Recent publications

Stress history and recrystallized grain size

2016, Kidder, Hirth, et al.

Journal of Structural Geology

Alpine Fault quartz sheared around garnet...

2015, Cross, Kidder & Prior

J. Structural Geology

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Published Papers


Not-quite-fit-to-publish geology stuff. Comments and discussion welcomed.

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Kidder lab students


James Pasarro

Mathematics major, Cub scout leader, ponderer of problems such as how many toothpicks one would need to build
an aircraft carrier

B.S. 2014


Hamid Soleymani

Thesis: Decoding the Stress History of the Alpine Fault using Rock Deformation Experiments and Numerical Modeling
Ph.D. student


Emily Lubicich

Thesis: Microstructural history of peridotite xenoliths from near the Alpine Fault,
New Zealand

M.S. student

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